What is the Information Sharing framework?

The Information Sharing Framework is a set of tools to support a constellation of individuals, organizations and industries who are entering into a working arrangement that requires client/patient/organization data to be shared in order to support or advance the care of the individual and/or their caregiver. The agencies involved have unique perspectives on a shared challenge or opportunity.

ISF Full Set of Appendices

The Information Sharing Framework is a tool to enhance collaboration between healthcare providers.

The power of the Coalition is that the solutions lie within our members.

At Converge, we believe in a better tomorrow. One where Mental Health access is seamless for all. Those who experience Mental Health and addiction concerns depend on multiple organizations from across sectors to support them.

These organizations may hire staff, and work with individuals, in a variety of disciplines; from medical professionals to law enforcement, education to spiritual support groups.

It is often the case that organizations need to collaborate to provide holistic, or wrap-around services. However, differences to privacy and other legislation result in a complex environment for sharing information that is necessary to provide consistent, holistic care when more than one organization is involved.

We Want to Shift the Industry from Reactive to Proactive.

Organizations work in a myriad of different areas and may hire staff, and work with individuals, who come from a wide variety of disciplines. This is why we developed the Information Sharing Framework; to make it easier for all those involved in Mental Healthcare to collaborate.

We encourage you to look at the opportunities.

Reach out to us, and let's see how we can support you in activating these recommendations!

  • 540,000 people in Calgary will need Mental Health support at some point.
  • Waitlists have an average of 72 people waiting.
  • Wait times average 303 days, and as long as 5 years.
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