Enhancing Collaboration in the Mental Health Care Sector: THE INFORMATION SHARING FRAMEWORK Learning Sessions

Do you provide supports to individuals or families dealing with mental health issues, and need to collaborate with other organizations that also provide care, but don’t know if privacy legislation allows you to?

The Information Sharing Framework

Was developed by George Alvarez in conjunction with Converge Mental Health Coalition to provide organizations with an explanation of the privacy legislation and a toolkit to support collaboration between organizations providing Mental Health services in Alberta.

George is leading training sessions in February and March, 2024 to walk participants through the components of the Framework and provide guidance on how to use the Framework materials.

As not all organizations need to collaborate to the same degree and not all staff need to use the Framework components in the same way, separate sessions will be offered to senior leadership and to the implementing staff.

By participating you will be more informed about the areas that should be addressed when partnering with other organizations, and how to ensure the sharing of information is managed appropriately and to the betterment of all who require care.

For more information and to attend a free session, email lleier@karmaandcents.com

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  • 540,000 people in Calgary will need Mental Health support at some point.
  • Waitlists have an average of 72 people waiting.
  • Wait times average 303 days, and as long as 5 years.
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