Development of a Preparatory Standardized Program That Defines the Foundational Skills for Student Services

This collaborative project will identify the skills, knowledge and competencies required to support adolescent mental health (ages 12-18) through the education system, and will result in a preparatory standardized program that defines the foundational skills for student services. It will also improve navigation of the Mental Health and wellness system for students and families by confirming the appropriate referral pathways to external partners.

Members of the collaborative

From the University of Calgary:

Centre for Wellbeing in Education
Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research & Education
Werklund School of Education

Converge Mental Health Coalition

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  • 540,000 people in Calgary will need Mental Health support at some point.
  • Waitlists have an average of 72 people waiting.
  • Wait times average 303 days, and as long as 5 years.
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